Yamaha YZF-R1 2010 and R15 white model launched

Yamaha YZF-R1 2010 in India price and photos

Yamaha YZF-R1 2010 at Auto Expo 2010

Yamaha India launched 2010 editions of their popular super bike YZF-R1 and a special model of R15 India. Both Yamaha R1 2010 and R15 2010 were showcased the Auto Expo Delhi. The new 2010 model of Yamaha R1 comes with a 998cc liquid cooled four stroke engine. It is the only model with cross-plane crankshaft technology, that can deliver unmatched power and performance. 2010 models Yamaha YZF-R1 will soon be available for booking at all important Yamaha outlets for a price of 12.5 lakhs.

All new Yamaha R1 photos from Delhi Auto Expo 2010:

Jhon with Yamaha R1 2010

John with Yamaha R1 2010 for India

The difference in the new R15 is that it will be available in white color.  This special edition of Yamaha R15 has almost same specification of the old model.

Yamaha R15 2010 special white edition photos:

Yamaha R15 white model photos

Yamaha R15 white model photos

Yamaha R1 2010 specifications:

Engine: 998cc 4 cylinder.

Power:  179.5 bhp at 12500 RPM.

Max torque: 115.5 NM.

6 speed gear box.

Yamaha R15 2010 model specifications:

149.8CC  engine that produces 17bhp@8500rpm and 15nm max torque at 7500 rpm.

Electric start, alloy wheels, 6 gears  and disc brake.

Mileage: 45kmpl.

Price of Yamaha R15 2010 White color special edition: 98490/-

Price of Yamaha YZFR1 2010: 12.5 lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi.

Detailed review and more photos will be added soon.

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55 Responses to Yamaha YZF-R1 2010 and R15 white model launched

  1. aditaya says:

    have yamaha r15 got split seet too
    what r the other changes in it

  2. mohi says:

    add the new r15 model soon… i.m awaiting for it

  3. anil khare says:

    This is anil, Yamaha is world super bike company and the best model is Yamaha R15.

  4. subhankar says:

    is it available for sale?

  5. Siddharth says:

    when will the mt 01 2010 model be launched in india??

  6. anil khare says:

    when will the mt 01 2010 model be launched in India??

  7. anil khare says:

    new r15 model soon… i.m awaiting for it

  8. bike guru says:

    When is this new r 15 white model is going to come in market in india

  9. Mahesh says:

    no 1 company on (( YAMAHA ))
    r15 (( WHITE )) SO good

    BUT HERO HONDA (((( karizma ZMR )) soo bad west

  10. elijah says:

    its already here.. u need to book it thgh… u’l get it in a month..
    cant wait fr mine!!!!!

  11. prince says:

    hey r15 is a shit bike with no speed and better go for r1 if you have cash for it

  12. Pratheesh says:

    i hav just ordered a r15 white on 8th of march
    they hav told it would arrrive in 15 days

  13. zezoo says:

    I liked r15 the look and specifications I would like to buy r15 model 2010 but I’m afraid that the r15 2011 model comes with a new and better and I wish to know whether the shape will change or not, I ask answer my question as soon

  14. amkhan says:

    hey guys!!is it true that the yamaha is releasing the r15 with split seat and wide tyre?
    please answer me guys please.i wanna know that.

  15. vivek pillai says:

    Hey good news yamaha has officially launched the R1 2010 model and v max in india for all booking details please call at 9967135558.Excellent Yamaha

  16. Raj says:

    Hey can any one tel me can yamaha get order of any colour of colour?
    I want to like white + blue
    can yamaha will obay my colour order???

  17. divs says:

    they will say fuck off

  18. AKASH BHONSLE says:

    please start that competion white colour in yamaha r15,i love that white colour.

  19. mahtab ahmad says:

    i like fazer

  20. Sharthok says:

    Owsome Bike!I love it!

  21. amit says:

    hey tell me about new r15 2010 model. is some more features add in it or its look ischange ? please tell me hurry!

  22. aditaya says:

    hi everyone plz tell me is yamaha going to do some upgradation in r15 in coming few months or in 2011 year

  23. Atiq says:

    hey guys……… r15 in white is rocking…… go for it guys it’s an awesome bike!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Atiq says:

    hey i even wanna know r there any upgradation in new upcoming yamaha r15 edition??????

  25. samik says:

    hey friends!wish 2 buy this sexy r15 nxt month.it wl b my 1st byk and m really confusd.is it worth d money?

  26. pardeep says:

    Hi All
    I have a second hand Yamaha R15 for sale.
    Model — 2008
    Color — Blue
    Place :— Gurgaon
    Purchage date – Aug 2008
    condition :— Excellent
    Km run—- 5000
    Expected Rate = 70000 (Negotiable)
    Buy Price :– 110000
    Contact — prkhasa001@indiatimes.com
    Date of post :– 6th Aug 2010
    Reason for sale :- Relocating to US

  27. Abhishek rana says:

    Ek dum bakwaaaas bike,,,,,,from the rear view looks like a baby toy…….frnds go for bullet because rana cannot play with toys…so go for a thump man

  28. Nitesh srivastava says:

    Yamaha YZF-R1 2010 and R15 white model
    super bikes

  29. anilchouhan says:

    ooh super R15 white model thanks yamaha

  30. Sammy says:

    hey Guys m wanna buy a well condition second hand R15 ………
    Pls infrm me if anyone hve 1 for sale ……

    Hey Pradeep wts ur bike’s milage n condition ????

  31. habung einstein says:

    yeah i thought it before indian yamaha r15 should change its shapes. Old yamaha r15 is just made for only money not for the exact value of yamaha. Thats yamaha power. Next time shw yamaha power and talent. God bless yamaha.

  32. ibrahim ruhigwa says:

    difference between yamaha R1 and R15 how the price are same but different types
    beause i want to buy one of those bike but i confuse the type

  33. Deepraj says:

    r 15

  34. abhinay says:

    i want price of yamah R1 in india

  35. jassi says:

    nice lookin bike bt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, my frind is havin a r15 blue and its giving mileage is arnd 25 after 8 mnths,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,does this white model gives the same??????????????

  36. Tiloshmali says:

    Hey.. Guys…should i buy R15 new…..is it gud….if any one hav….second hand will do….contact me….at Tiloshmali@gmail.com

  37. darpan says:

    i like r15 white its so good

  38. darpan says:

    i like r15 white its good and i want to buy it

  39. ram says:

    fantastic….i like very much.

  40. rudra says:

    hey guys i have booked yamaha r15 black but iam really confused because in net they r showing some spy is coming of r15 with big tyres and splitted seats, hey does any one have any idea about this so plz let me noe yaar they have said it will be launching in 25th of january 2011, is this news is true plz let me noe yaar is there any new upgradation coming in january 2011? because my bike is coming within 10 days and iam tensed plz help me yamahaaaaaaaaa fansssssssssss

  41. LALIT;GAURAV says:


  42. mannu dagar says:

    i have yamaha r 15 white color its a good looking welled grip on road turn its turn like moto gp bikes and its really top speed is 174km/h its like flash. And next some days i buy yamaha yzf r1 i hope it was amazing.

  43. pasang says:

    yamaha r15 in white is simply the best as it comes with its colour.
    I am enjoying riding it everyday and its worth the money.

  44. Gajendra says:

    I like R15… I have this bike…..And this bike have other friend……….so…….nice……..

  45. lucky says:

    its awesome to ride & stilish bike

  46. Murali says:

    I need to buy very soon r15 vehicle in warangal andhra pradesh

  47. Ashish says:

    plz let me know whether new edition of r15 is getting launched or not????

  48. Rajeev says:

    rana tu bullet le ke 3rd world war me jana……… Hitler 2nd World war pe liya taa….

    YAMAHA RX100 leader of nineties…….

    YAMAHA R15 isssssssss now the Best of all Indian Bikes…

  49. sanjay says:

    Yamaha r15 is better then r1 . r15 and r1 are like same better go to r15 its excellent

  50. Ananthu Rajendran says:


  51. NITIN RAINA says:


  52. Pramod says:

    i want yamaha R15 in white colour plz reply me i w8ting for him. . .

  53. Sonu yadav says:

    hi!!! so good looking of new version r15 in white colour !!!!!!I have !!!

  54. aksharma says:

    abey gandu jassi, colour change karne se mileage change nai hota, it depends hw u use it, ab bike ki le ke rakhega to kya ghanta average degi, R15 is really a nice bike n it gives mileage of 40-45 even after 2 years, Believe me, i have it n it gives that much

  55. aksharma says:

    abey gandu jassi, colour change karne se mileage change nai hota, it depends hw u use it, ab bike ki le ke rakhega to kya ghanta average degi, R15 is really a nice bike n it gives mileage of 40-45 even after 2 years, Believe me, i have it n it gives that much

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