Toyota Etios price hatchback and sedan in India and review

Toyota Etios price in India and specification test drive

Toyota Etios small car at Auto Expo 2010

The largest car maker in the world Toyota today announced their plans to sell a new car Etios in India. Etios was announced by the Vice president of Toyota, Mr. Kazuo Okamoto who attended the 2010 Auto Expo at Delhi today. Toyota Etios is the special small car built for India and few other selected markets. Toyota Etios will be manufactured in both hatchback and sedan variants. In both segment they will have 1.2 lite and 1.5 litres petrol engines. Toyota demonstrated a blue color Etios model at Delhi auto Expo 2010. The launch date of Etios is not yet confirmed. But it would be around the end 2010.

Toyota Etios hatchback model photos:
The front side design of Toyota Etios has similarities with Corolla Altis . Especially the front grille  with Toyota logo in Chrome finish.

Toyota Etios hatchback price  in India

Toyota Etios hatchback  in India

Toyota Etios Sedan model photos:

Toyota Etios in India sedan variant price

Toyota Etios in India sedan variant

India has already became a hot hub of small cars. The Toyota small concept car in news for around 3 years. The final version of Etios unveiled today was designed by more than 1500 engineers of Toyota corporation. Care might have taken to limit the price at competitive levels, provide good mileage and security. Global auto majors including Volkswagen and Honda are also excepted to announce their small car at Auto Expo Delhi. Considering this Toyota will surely place Etios in the exact price range. Toyota with Kirloskar is planning invest around 3000 cores for India operations. This would be spent for setting up Etios manufacturing plant, developing dealership network etc.

Toyota Small car Etios hatchback price : 5-7.5 lakhs (expected).
Toyota Etios Sedan price : 6.75-8.5 lakhs (expected).

Update: Toyota Etios Live launched

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36 Responses to Toyota Etios price hatchback and sedan in India and review

  1. M D M,hetre says:

    how much time limit to launch eiotos sedan in india? what is the range of pricce?

  2. Rajesh says:


    Toyota has taken the Indian customer for granted and release models which look ages. Look at Honda or Hyundai who release models which are top class and great looking cars. But Toyota always took benefit of Indian mentality “anything from toyota is acceptable”. No doubt, even the Etios or Etios sedan (which more or less looks like Logan) will be a hit with Indian customers. When a boxy looking vehicle like Qualis is a hit, why not this !!!


  3. girish says:

    Indian People does’nt buy cars blindly . Indians rarely buy a car for envy . They know what is worth buying . Toyota has studied well and has understood what car to make for india and for the people of india . That’s what is required . People will be happy to own what is satisfying to there requirements and taste . Toyota is delivering it.

  4. Dip says:

    “Toyota is Toyota” – If you have not owned one, you never know what you have missed. Its not the metal, but the mettle that matters.

  5. Nideesh says:

    I guess, It is bit over prized, When i heard of compact car. I thought of a different prize range. Anyways all the best for toyota. Wish you would be able to show more profits this quarter

  6. sk says:

    I want to add a +1 to rajesh…i own a Toyota and I know what they or people talk and what they give. quality is much better in other cars than toyota for sure.

  7. klmohan says:

    Both the models are excellent,ETIOS and ETIOS SEDAN.diesel versions may be introduced.

  8. klmohan says:

    price range is reasonable.

  9. deepen says:

    etios both the segments are quite satisfactory, but has to be dieseil versione

  10. AZHARUDEEN says:


  11. Narender says:

    Toyota Etios Hatchback ,(I know Yaris in the US market)

    Toyota Etios VDI, Price Should be not more than 5.0 L

    Diesel Version,Milage should be more than Altis 21.47 per litre (28.. Plus)

    Then you can beat the Indian market….(Dhift VDi….A star Vdi(suppose to come to the market))

  12. Sumanto says:


    Can anyone tell me the expected launching date of Toyota Etios (Hatchback).


  13. SAMEER GUPTA says:

    I am planning to buy a new car in near future and saw an advertisement in Times of India today about ETIOS. Can you tell me when ETIOS Sedan will be launched and what will be it’s price range.

  14. Deepak says:

    I am also waiting eagerly for Etios sedan preferably Petrol version. One thing for sure that Toyota is value for Money. And even cost of maintenance is also lesser as compared to Honda and service back is in line of Honda but far better than Skoda.
    I believe, it is planned to launch some time Dec10 or Jan11. Pl update if some one has authentic dates on it.

  15. Gurcharan Gurtata says:

    I would like to know details about both the models of Etios and the probable date when it would be launched in New Delhi. The various features to be notified must indicate average of both the cars.

  16. Toyota Employee says:

    I am a toyota employee, the car has been shelved and will go to the drawing board for minor ugrades in terms of looks. The models would slightly be different than display on the auto expo..

    Please don’t keep high hopes of 2010 since this would take atleat 1.0-1.5 years from now.

    Psst … It will now borrow few more parts from our Bread n Butter model.

  17. nagma ahmad says:

    i’m lookng frwrd to buy etios sedan but wan to know when it going to hit indian mrkt and by what price

  18. manuprasad says:

    iam a member of toyoya family,
    mony is most valuable thing , so that toyota gave mor importence of qualitty,like “toyota is the truth of universe”.so the all toyota customers bileav &love to us,

  19. MILIND says:

    Etios is welcome, expected in diesel, hatch back and sedan. (petrol price rise is silent and common now a days)

    Mileage more than 23 sufficient to kill market, awaiting new year 2011, if they can deliver , 2011 belong to Toyota !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ganapathysankar says:

    When booking will be started in Tamilnadu??

  21. Ganapathysankar says:

    Eagerly awaiting for Etios launching.
    Toyota is Toyota — No doubt internationally.

  22. raju says:

    when booking in pune (eition car

  23. chandra p singh says:

    if want to capture indian market price should be competative ie hatchback Petrol 3.80-4.5 L, Disel 4-5 L and sedan 5.5-7 L to compet Micra,beat,Polo,Swift, Fabia & figo and in Sedan, D zire, Aveo,vento etc.

  24. Deepa Shah says:

    Can you please send me the details as in when it is going to launch specially the hatch back & also in Mumbai what is the price & where the bookings can be done & when.

  25. Deepa Shah says:

    I am looking forward to Purchase this car as it is launched specially the hatchback one. Can i have the details of pricing in Mumbai & form when we can start the booking & also where i can book this. Awaiting your reply on my emal address given above.

  26. chetan tyagi says:

    etios hatchback confirm launch date & price

  27. adnan says:

    Hi, I am a huge toyota fan.. The service and quality of their car is just very GENUINE.
    I am looking forward to buy the Etios, but is any one sure about its diesel version? Is it going to be launched with the petrol?
    I have used the Qualis for 10 years now – 2,80,000 Km driven and the clutch plate not changed till date. This is what toyota is all about!
    Whoever intends to buy a toyota, I would recommend you to go for it BLINDLY!

  28. Umang says:

    I want to know the price of “Etios” and booking dates for it, in Chandigarh.

  29. Umang says:

    I want to know the price of “Etios” and booking dates for it, in Chandigarh. I am a big fan of TOYOTA and its SUV’s cars.

  30. akash says:

    hey……..i m akash…………..i m luking 2 buy a car within 1-2 months……. i heard about toyota etios sedan………..i like this car……….can u send mi its price,pics and the launching date………..send as earlier as possble.

  31. Satish says:

    I m planning to buy a car in jan, let me know the price for Etios petrol, This is my first car, so I wanna buy a special 1.
    Do let me knw asap.

  32. Soumen Kumar Roy says:

    Toyota has given product for third world countries not to India which is second best car market in the world. This product is upgraded version of any 1990s car like Esteem or Accent. Toyota has failed in all the segments for Etios – Engine, Exterior and Interior. It looks cheap. Dezire has got better finish and quality than Etios. Very poor show from world number one in auto car production. It has already dumped old Qualis model from South Africa. Again it has done with Etios from Yaris. This car development takes 5 years …. ha ha ha….. funny. Toyota please stop doing that, people on India will stop believing on Toyota.

  33. David raja says:


    The price for the sedan model with tail should be equivalent to Dezire ranging from Rs 5-6 lakhs only then it will be economical for middle class people. So that market share will be more


  34. Binuraj.K says:

    I am planning to buy Etios Liva. Could you please let me know the exact launch date or Booking start date.Currently I am using Maruti. It would be great if someone can send me the details in my email – Thanks!

  35. Akash says:

    I am agree with Rajesh. Toyota has taken Indian market as Granted and they are thinking that Toyota Sedan will sell. I have hardly seen any Toyota Sedan on road. People who are waiting for Toyota hatchback, should not wait and go for some other good car. Toyota may price Hatchback close to Sedan and in that case you will feel that you have wasted your time by waiting for Hatchback version.

    If they are not cheating with Indian customers, they should at least confirm release date and also specification of the car along with price. We have no idea about Boot Space, Features, Ground Clearance, Expected Mileage etc…

  36. sahil says:

    when will toyota launch etios hatchback model

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