Skoda Yeti SUV announced in India

Skoda yeti price and specification

Skoda yeti

According to the statics on November 2009, Volkswagen group is the largest automobile company in the world on basis of production. Skoda, Audi and few other car brands in India belongs to Volkswagen group. But marketing strategy of  Volkswagen brands is different from each other. Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen cars in India have separate sales chain and dealership network. The Skoda Auto in India currently has four cars Fabia, Octavia, Laura and Superb.  Adding another one to list , Skoda today unveiled the Yeti SUV in India at Auto Expo 2010 New Delhi.

The Skoda Yeti SUV will be available in in the year 2010 itself. Skoda Yeti will have both petrol and diesel variants. Price of Yeti SUV is not yet fixed.  But it would higher than top model of Fabia and less than that of Skoda Octavia 2010.  The main competitors of Skoda Yeti in India are Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari.

Skoda Yeti Photos:

Skoda Yet SUV photos

Skoda Yet SUV photos

Skoda Yeti at Auto Expo 2010:

SKoda Yeti SUV in India

SKoda Yeti SUV at Auto Expo 2010

Skoda Yeti SUV specification :

Yeti will have  1.2L and 1.8L petrol models and 2L turbo diesel model. Expected mileage of the petrol model is 13-17 kmpl on normal and highways respectively.  Mileage of the diesel model will be higher than petrol, and there will be corresponding  increase in price. Yeti will have 6 speed automatic and and manual transmission options. 4×4 drive model will also be available.

Skoda Yeti Engine options:

1.2L petrol: 103bhp 175Nm@3500RPM.

1.8L petrol: 157bhp 175Nm@3500RPM.

2.0L Turbo diesel engine: 108bhp 250Nm@ 2000RPM.

Skoda Yeti SUV price and launch date:

Skoda will launch Yeti SUV in India by second half of 2010. The expected price of Yeti India is 9.5 lakhs to 13 lakhs.

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40 Responses to Skoda Yeti SUV announced in India

  1. bavandeep says:

    nice ,i m planning to buy this

  2. Deepak says:

    I m eagerly waiting the car lonch, planing to buy as early as possible……..

  3. Dr.S.P.Rai says:

    if can possible then given me details of launching day & price of highest suv models of diesel versition.

  4. G G Agarwal says:

    I am eagerly waiting about yeti’s highest diesel model launching. I’m ready to pay full payment by D D, No finance required.Pl.inform us about launching.

  5. amit says:

    eagerly waiting can i have any datails about the launching time and the price

  6. bm singh says:

    cool cAr…. the shape is excellent wnt to know about the launching of the car

  7. naresh rao says:

    very excited

  8. Kanvir Gill says:

    m toooooo excited fr dis SUV..its sooo damn cool…waiting hard fr it 😀

  9. Dr.R K Moses says:

    amaging look with superb engine but launch awaited in india

  10. Dr.R K Moses says:

    amaging look with superb engine wether it will be same for india

  11. rajesh says:

    im going mad for the suv how much time would it take for me to own one

  12. ashvin patel says:

    i have skoda octivia since last three years
    i need following details
    1 from which month sales will start
    2 what is the process to book the car
    3 what is the exect price of diesel car yeti
    4 i am located at surat, gujarat

  13. jagadeesh says:

    when will be launched the suparb vehicle in india? when will the bookings started in hyderabad ? is there any way to know the information for me ?

  14. jagadeesh says:

    is that vehicle will be same as it will in U.K

  15. k.p.senthil kumar says:

    can u tell me price and launching date ?

  16. Praful says:


  17. Prasanta saikia says:

    The model is exceelent.I am planning to buy the diesel version, What will be price and when will be launched

  18. Kartish says:

    I Just called up the hyd showroom and they said that the launch date of Yeti has been postponed to Sep – Oct.. which is bad news.. just like the fabia launch was delayed by three years, Yeti is following the same route.. But the bookings seem to have been opened and the pricing they told me was 14 Lakhs ex showroom … which would come to abt 16 lakhs on road… (that’s what she said). Bad Luck guys.. I’ve already been waiting for 6 months now… and to wait for 5 months more is painful… might as well pick another SUV I guess.


  19. n.j.joseph says:

    I have seen colors & different models in pictures. But nothing about the specs: The specs: & features , performance are reqd: to acess correctly about the car before buy.So please furnish these details immediatly.

  20. Ramdev reddy says:

    I am eagerly waiting the Skoda Yeti launch, planing to buy as early as possible……..

  21. Ramesh Lakhotia says:

    when will it be avaliable in the indian market!

  22. Karan baghi says:

    Buying skoda is better dan safari or scorpio,so m eagerly waiting for dis skoda

  23. deepak goel says:

    it is very nice car we want to buy it early wating for the car all family menber are craxy to drive the car soo please lonch it eary so that we can drive the car thank to the dessier of the beautiful car

  24. nandu jhawar says:

    i want yeti what is the launching time

  25. abhay says:

    i want to get it on launch pls confirm me by mail all the details from any skoda reps

  26. Dr Piyoosh Malik says:

    Will be a good buy only if the Diesel automatic version(2 litre CRDI engine mated to a 7 G Tiptronic DSG gearbox) is sold at sub-15 lakh price.If they only launch an manual version,it will be a failure for them as it happened in UK & was finally a success when the 7G Tiptronic 2 litre CRDI was launched.Otherwise,Mahindra xylo or another new SUV/Crossover to be lunched by Mahindra this year will take the honours due to the price & low maintainance cost advantages.You pay a premium only for technology which is not available by your desi car manufacturers.

  27. kartik says:

    i want to know the specicification of it and its launch and in which colours it will available ………..please let me know

  28. Pushkar Bisht says:

    Was eagerly looking forward to buy this SUV. But Yeti is being launched in its highest model in India now with a price tag of Rs 20 lac on road.What happened to the other versions at Rs 12 lacs or so?.

    When are the other variants being launched? Is it worth waiting or not.

  29. moin patel says:

    Nice look in the picutres atleast ….. Hope they are able replicate the same in the actual onroad suv’s ….

  30. joelbardeskar says:

    ye skoda has created sucess by launch of fabia n laura. I think yeti will overcome existing suv’s. Good wishes

  31. thomas george, Bahrain says:

    Yes, I do. The announcement by Skoda i am copying below:

    “Skoda will launch Yeti SUV in India by second half of 2010. The expected price of Yeti India is 9.5 lakhs to 13 lakhs”.
    After their announcement people were eagerly waiting and they delayed deliberately the launching, time to time and the price as well to make the customers more eager for its launch. But in fact, Skoda was cheating the Indian customers with their price announcemnts. To be frank, I don’t think it is worth of more than 15L (on teh road) for 2.0 Diesel Auto transmission fully loaded. There are many other options in the market and new compact SUVs are on the way too. With the current price tag I don’t think Yeti will survive in Indain market. Anyhow, try your luck Skoda. Earlier I too was interested on Yeti for my use in India but now I have changed my mind, I will go for other options. Same as me other customers too will think the same manner.

    In this part of the world (Gulf) there is no market at all for Skoda, once it is launche here may cost max. 7-9L only, but still it will not move much. best of luck,
    Thomas, Bahrain.

  32. Ankur Sabharwal says:

    Guys… here we go. Straight from the horse’s mouth:
    Yeti will be launched in October 2010 with 2.0 litre Diesel common rail motor & with 6 speed manual Transmission with the output of 140 bhp.
    Automatic & Petrol may be considered in future. It is a 4 wheel drive vehicle price range for the car is 17-18 lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi. It will be a CKD.
    Key features are: ESP, Dual front airbags, fog lights, Alloywheels, remote locking, Elec controlled ORVM, CD player, Leather Upholstery.
    Colors options will be Candy white, Mato Brown, MagicBlack,Diamond Silver, and Aqua Blue.
    So for all of us who thought this would be a 10-12 Lakh car…. tough luck.
    By the way, I have already picked up a different SUV.

  33. Sameer Sharma says:

    WoW ! This is Awesome….Fulfills my dream of owning a SUV…I am definately buying this one ! ! !

  34. andrew says:

    ohh skoda you cheated us,i’m dien to buy yeti if skoda keep ther word price [below 13 L] but now i heard that ts going to 17 18 L if they do then i got change my choice n take home scorpio hibrid..but i’m still hopeing n waiting n finger x.

  35. nikkasingh patyal says:

    tell me the launch time in india raj. and show room priece.
    with regads

    nikka singh patyal

  36. Ashok Kumar says:

    I want to know about yet disel .Price,booking and details of yeti disel.Date of launching.

  37. DR.P.A,JACOB says:

    I am eagerly waiting for the Yetti launch in India.And I want to buy a high end discel version.

  38. yograj says:

    car is best……..but small suv car……best car yeti……1 number……………when u r launching the car?

  39. yograj says:

    send me prise list(gujarat) ( vadodara prise)

  40. Tshering says:

    Its already in showroom i ve planned to buy,i think one of the best SUV in every aspect.

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