Hyundai i10 price and specifications Hyundai i10 electric announced in India

Hyundai i10 electric

Hyundai i10 is the second most successful car of Hyundai motors in India. The first variant of i10 was launched in 2007.  Thereafter the model has  crossed  5 lakhs in sales.  Now today at India Auto Expo 2010, Hyundai came up with new i10 electric model. i10 electric is the first electric car of Hyundai India.  The model was earlier shown at the Frankfurt motor show.  Indian model was unveiled by Bollywood badshah shahrukh khan at Pragati Maidan New Delhi . The electricity powered  Hyundai i10 does not pollute  environment  with harmful gases, and its well suited for city drive.

Hyundai i10 electric  photos:

Hyundai i10 electric car photos at Auto Expo 2010 Hyundai i10 electric announced in India

Hyundai i10 electric car photos from Auto Expo 2010

Hyundai i10 electric engine:

The 49KW (66.6 PS) electric motor is the heart of this car.  This motor is run using a 16KW Li-ion battery.  Its far better than Nickel hybrid battery and has less weight. New Hyundai i10 electric can run 160 KM with single charge.  The top speed  is 130 KM!

There are tow methods to charge the electric batteries of Hyundai i10.  Normal 230V home power supply will take 5 hours for complete charging.  Also there is an industrial charging option with 413 V supply, that will take 15 min for 85% charging.

Hyundai i10 electric price in India.

There are two ways to charge the new Hyundai i10 electric. Hyundai i10 electric  is expected to offer better drivability than traditional petrol and diesel versions. Price and specifications of Hyundai 10 electric will be announced soon.