Google Chrome 10 full standalone installer setup

Google Chrome 10Google has released the final version of  the Google Chrome 10 web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. Unlike the previous builds, Chrome 10 have some important changes in this version that makes it faster, reliable and secure. I have been using Firefox from the last couple of years, and with the introduction of extensions I made a switch to Chrome.  Google Chrome now has a market share of 11% in global browser usage map, and it is expected to improve 12-13% with the launch Chrome 10.

Major features of Google Chrome 10:

Google Engineers have managed to tune the V8 JavaScript engine in Chrome to bring out a speed boost up-to 66% than the previous versions.

Chrome 10 settings

Chrome 10 settings

Usually it’s difficult to find the application settings in any web browser. Chrome 10 takes the browser settings to a new Tab where there is a search box that let you find all settings in a matter of time. I just entered privacy in the box, and all related settings come up as shown above.

Syncing in Google Chrome 10: Using more than on computer and Google Chrome browser? Now you can sync all browser bookmarks, passwords to your Google account and use it anywhere with Google Chrome 10. To use this search for sync from your settings tab and sign into Google account.

Sandboxing of browser tabs and plugins is a security feature introduced in Google Chrome 10. It considers each tab as different processes, so in case if there is a security issue in one tab. It won’t affect the other tabs.  Google Chrome 10 comes with inbuilt Flash and PDF support. These two plugins are also sandboxed and linked to Google update service to make sure the plugins are updated and secure.

Google Chrome 10 full standalone installer setup

Google provides a full standalone Chrome 10 installer for Mac OS and Linux users. However, Windows users have to download an online installer and then download full setup files. If are a windows user and need the full Chrome 10 installer., here it is.

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