calculate quarterly average balance qob How to calculate quarterly average balance for Indian banks


Most banks in India offer savings and current account for their customers, based on certain conditions. There will be a specific charge for opening an account, and a quarterly average balance that should be maintained to keep the account working. Banks usually impose a service charge on all customers, those who fail to meet the QAB demands. The quarterly average balance is an importance factor that determines the eligibility of the user for insurance, credit card and bank loans. So here is a method to calculate the calculate quarterly average balance (QAB) of an account based on one example.

Why there is AQB charges appearing in my savings account statement:

Banks deduct a specific amount from user accounts for not maintaining a quarterly average balance requirement. For e.g.: AQB SER CHGS INC ST &  CESS in a HDFC bank statement against 820/-RS  indicates that you have failed to maintain the limits.

QAB Charges, Q1-Q3+Serv Tax77 DR  INR 827.00 : This is a particular example for   AQB charge  levied on ICICI statement.

The classification of savings bank account of certain banks is based on quarterly average balance. Those who are ready to maintain the higher amount can opt for premium savings accounts with free debit cards and better interest rates. HDFC, ICICI and a few other banks provide priority banking facilities to people who  maintain  quarterly average balance of a definite level( around 1-10 lakhs). Banks consider the QAB track to analyze the financial capability of a customer while processing, home and personal loans. So calculate your quarterly average balance now to plan the future requirements.

Jan 1-Jan 10 : 15000

Jan11-Jan 31:  10000

Feb1-Feb 12 :  26000

Feb12- Feb 28 : 4000

Mar1- Mar 15 : 50000

Mar16- Mar 31 :  200

QOB= (((15000*100)+ (10000*21)+( 26000*12)+ (4000*16)+ (50000*15)+ (200*16))/ (31+28+31)) = 31546.66

So, quarterly average balance of any bank account can be calculated by summing the end of day balance for each day in a full quarter, divided by the number of days in that quarter.

This method can be used to calculate  quarterly average balance (aqb) for  HDFC, ICICI, SBI, SBT, AXIS, Union, BOB, PNB,  SIB and other banks.